Boom Beach Headquarters Level 16

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Boom Beach – Headquarter 16 Base Build Layout Defense … 15, 2014 · This is a Speed Base Build HQ Level 16 video mostly for Anti-Warrior and Tan… This is the best Defense Strategy for Boom Beach HQ 16 I’ve seen for Boom Beach!

Defense layout for HQ 16 and 17 Boom Beach. All about … 22, 2017 · Defense scheme for HQ 16 After reaching player’s level 37, there’s unlocks an ability to upgrade the Headquarter (HQ) to the level 16 in Boom Beach! That upgrade unlocks an additional buildings that every player can place on his island and widen own base in such way. These buildings are Stone Storage, Machine Gun, Cannon and Rocket Launcher.Reviews: 6

Boom Beach – best hq base level 16 – YouTube 16, 2014 · Hi guys, this is by far one of the safest formations you can have! So if you want maximum protection for your resources, just give this a try!Feel free to co…

Headquarters Boom Beach rows · Headquarters Tips. The enemy wins by destroying your Headquarters. By upgrading your …

Base layout for HQ 13,14 and 15. Boom Beach. All about … 15, 2017 · Note: optimal defense layouts for HQ 5-12 lvl are here. HQ 13 best defense layout. After upgrading the HQ to the 13 level, the next defensive buildings become available in the Game: 1 Boom Cannon, 4 Cannons, 4 Machine Guns, 3 Mortars, 5 Sniper Towers and 2 Flamethrowers. The total quantity of available buildings is 43.

Support Buildings – Boom Beach Level Required: 14 Level 16 Ammo Capacity: 42 Upgrade Cost: Wood: 1,200,000 Stone: 910,000 Iron: 330,000 Upgrade Time: 1 day 18 hours HQ Level Required: 15 Level 17 Ammo Capacity: 44 Upgrade Cost: Wood: 1,710,000 Stone: 1,530,000 Iron: 670,000 Upgrade Time: 1 day 6 hours HQ Level Required: 16 Level 18 Ammo Capacity: 46 Upgrade Cost: Wood: 2,450,000 Stone: 2,020,000 Iron: …

Gunboat Boom Beach Wiki Fandom level 1 Flare: Once one lands temporarily on the battlefield, Troops move towards it but cannot attack while doing so. If it hits a building, troops will walk to it until they are in range to attack it. HQ level 3 Medkit: Creates a temporary ring of healing that restores the health of Troops within its area of effect HQ level 4 Shock Bomb

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