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Iron Wheel Headquarters Elder Scrolls Fandom Wheel Headquarters is a location in The Elder Scrolls series. This lore location page is a stub. You can help by adding to it. Retrieved from ” …

Iron Wheel Elder Scrolls Fandom 21, 2021 · The Iron Wheel is a faction that appears in the The Elder Scrolls Online expansion Thieves Guild. They are the main antagonists in the Hew’s Bane region, and have their headquarters at No Shira Citadel . According to overheard conversation during the quest ” The Long Game ,” they originated from Taneth .

Online:The Long Game – The Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages … access to the Iron Wheel Headquarters. Find out how Cosh is connected to the Iron Wheel. Escape the Iron Wheel Headquarters and return to the Thieves Den. Detailed Walkthrough . When you click on the Iron Wheel Headquarters door and are asked for the passphrase, use the following: What is the fate of the lawbreaker: A ring of iron around them.

Rhanbiq’s Orders: Iron Wheel Headquarters Elder Scrolls …’s Orders: Iron Wheel Headquarters is a book in The Elder Scrolls Online: Thieves Guild. Locations [edit edit source] No Shira Citadel, Hew’s Bane; Contents [edit edit source] This is to remind all Iron Wheel officers and soldiers serving within our temporary headquarters is an honor and privilege. Those members of our command who would rather patrol the area outside the Citadel are welcome to …

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